VIMECO Multi Comple Project – South Trung Yen, Hanoi


The VIMECO Infrastructure, Training School, Apartment and Kid Garden Project is built in South Trung Yen Urban Area, Trung Hoa – Cau Giay Dist., – Hanoi.

Construction Scale: 
Total Construction Area: 26.197m2 which included: Road, Water Supply and Drainage, Power Station, Fire Fighting and Prevention, Communication, Green fields… 03 towers of 25 storey each: CT1, CT2, CT3; total 02 basements for all buildings. The ground floor of the 3 buildings is using as public area. The 2nd and the 3rd floors of the CT2 Building are used as Kid Garden. The 2nd floor of CT1, CT3 building is used as Office and Public Area. From 4th floor to 25th floor are using for 430 apartments which are from 88,8m2 to 254m2 each. 23 villars by 3 storeys each.

M/S Consultancy and Investment CONINCO Jsc., has been supplying CQC services for this Project.Here are some photos: