HR Policies


Employees are a company’s greatest asset. They play a vital role in the success of any bussiness. Therefore, in order to atrract and retain talent, TEXO has tighten its recruitment process and also improved its training program. In addition, TEXO also focuses on creating a professional, disciplined but open working environment to stimulate employees’ creativity, contributing to the company development.

1. Working environment:

  • A dynamic, professional working environment where they have the opportunity to express themselves and receive the guidance of their superiors, the coordination of their colleagues.
  • A working environment where employees are trained regularly through seminars and professional training courses to improve their knowledge and practical experience.

2. Labor policy:

  • The weekly standard working hours of the company is 44 hours.
  • Vacation and Paid time off policy comply with the provisions of Labor Code.
  • The office space is always kept cool and clean. The company is fully equipped with equipment and tools serving for working purposes.

3. Salary & Social Insurance:

  • Salary depends on the amount of work assigned and working performance.
  • Pay raise will be considered every 2 years.
  • A reward policy is issued to encourage the working spirit of employees incliding Holiday, Tet bonus and performance bonus
  • Social insurance is paid fully in accordance with the Labor Law and Social Insurance Law. The maternity regimes and health insurance are fully implemented.
  • Social insurance debt is commited not to occur.

4. Other benefits:

  • A summer vacation is organized annually to motivate employees, strengthen team communication and promote creativity.
  • Every employee is taken care in term of their materiality and spirituality: recieve presents on special ocassions; being visited in case of sickness, accident and funeral; perform charity work
  • Employees regularly have the opportunity to participate in activities launched by the Ministry of Construction due to the fact that mass organizations of TEXO are under those of Ministry of Construction.

5. Discipline in the workplace:
Employees are required to implement the following regulations:

  • Completely comply with the work assignment from superiors.
  • Ensure working time: do not be late, leave early, engage in private activities during working hours.
  • Behave in a civil manner with colleagues and partners: do not show disrespect to others, always keep a gentle attitude while communicating with partners/guests.
  • Be responsible for protecting company assets: do not bring public assets outside the Company without permission.
  • Fully report the assigned tasks and when having difficulties in work, seek the guidance from superiors to promptly handle them.
  • Do not use the company name for personal purposes. Any fraud in work leading to the damage of company reputation is prohibited.
  • Keep company information confidential.