Usilk-CITY project – Van Khe new urban area in Ha Dong, Hanoi

Usilk-City (Hai Phat U-City) – Van Khe New Urban expansion is one of the projects in the chain of urban land in the north of Ha Dong City urban projects by Hai Phat Thu Do JSC as an investor. The project is transferred from Song Da JSC to Hai Phat Thu Do JSC. TEXO Consultancy and Investment JSC  is doing consulting and supervising work in CT2 block of this project.

Usilk-City has the scale of 9,2ha, which was designed and management consulted by partners from Korea. Usilk-City brings the unique features: open spaces, beautiful scenery, modern architecture, friendly-environment design and planning, which contribute to create a new  harmonious, preeminent urban area.

Project location:

Located on Le Van Luong (belonging to  Van Khe commune and Van Phuc ward), the intersection of the arterial roads of the Capital: Le Van Luong, Le Trong Tan, 72, Thang Long Avenue, belt road 4; which is the focus of Van Khe new urban area, Duong Noi, TSQ Galaxy, Geleximco.

– North: adjacent to the development road in the North of Ha Dong city, the prolonged Le Van Luong street of Hanoi.

– South: adjacent low-rise buildings – Van Khe new urban area.

– East: adjacent to the housing in Van Phuc ward.

– West: adjacent to La Khe communal services.

Scale of the project:

Usilk-City is the large-scale construction of 13 modern high-rise buildings from 25 to 50 storeys with 2,700 apartments. The total floor area is ​​over 553.000m2, the basement area is 113.000m2. As planned, the high-rise building land combined with public service are divided into four main ensembles:

– CT1 includes 5 buildings: one 50-storey buildings, one 33-storey buildings, one 30-storey buildings, one 28-storey buildings and one 25-storey building.

– CT2 consists of 2 buildings: one 50-storey buildings and one 33-storey building.

– CT3 consists of two buildings: one 35-storey buildings and one 30-story building.

– CT4 consisting of 3 buildings: one 35-storey buildings, one 30-storey building and one 25-storey building.

The public projects are arranged into 4 types of amusement: parks, music, wind and art combined with the relax area. The Southern Zone creates dynamic area like the square, event space. The northern area creates static area as fountains, amusement park.

Project description

The distinction of the project design is that there are two basements throughout the entire project, ensuring each apartment has a parking lot of cars and two parking lot of motorcycles, which is very convenient for transportation, community activities at Usilk-city. This is the unique advantage that differentiate Usilk-City from any other high-end urban areas in Hanoi.

Particularly, 3 podium floors of Usilk-City is 146.896m2, consisting of commercial centers, supermarkets,which is regarded as shopping paradise, provided for the needs of the entire building.

The 4th floor of the entire project is invested for entertainment activities, playgrounds for children, health care, which creates a closed, comfortable and convenient space for users .

From the 5th floor of the project are the apartments to stay in, depending on the location and area of ​​each building they will  allocate the number and type of apartments in a reasonable way. That is the reason why Usilk-City is considered as full convergence advantage urban area which suit the user’s desire to live, work, play and settle down.

Some pics of the project