The Luxury Apartment and Trade Center at Land Lot N05 – Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh New Urban Area


The Luxury Apartment and Trade Center at Land Lot N05 – Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh New Urban Area is located in the Southwest of Hanoi , creating a beautiful architecture of civilization and modernity, meeting the demand of housing and public works in the city .

The project includes 4 highrise buildings located on an area of ​​2,968 hectares in the overall project of Southeast Tran Duy Hung New Urban , Cau Giay District , Hanoi . With 3 basements  and  25-29 floors, the total floor area of construction is ​​178 162 m2, including : public floor area ( office , commercial services , social services ) is 40092 m2 , apartment  floor area of about 138 070 m2 created for approximately 3,500 people.

When the project of The Luxury Apartment and Trade Center is finished, it will help create the beauty and civilization at the Southwest Tran Duy Hung in particular and urban areas in the West of Hanoi in general.

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