The Congress on the Summary of Party Cell Activities in 2019


In the afternoon of December 17, 2019, the Party Cell of Consultancy and Investment TEXO JSC- under the Party of the Ministry of Construction held a conference to summary the activities of the Party cell in 2019 and set the plan for 2020.

Under the leadership of Mr. Do Quoc Huynh – Party Cell Secretary of Consultancy and Investment TEXO JSC, there were Party members in the Party Cell and elite employees of the company attending the congress. On behalf of the Party Cell, Mr. Do Quoc Huynh presented the Draft Report on the Party Cell activities in 2019 and also its plan and mission in 2020.

At the conference, every Party members read their self-review in 2019. All Party members are consistent in term of political ideology, loyalty and trust in Party leadership, there were no signs of moral degradation and other negativities. The Party cell committed to be more complete in term of political qualities, revolutionary morality as well as leadership ability in order to build the Party Cell of TEXO become an united group. In the upcoming period, the Party Cell TEXO will coordinate with the Party Executive Committee of Ministries and their departments as well as the Party Committee Office to succesfully build not only a better company but also a better Party organization; contributing to the improvement of the Party leadership and fighting capacity.

Speaking at the Conference, the Secretary of the Party Cell emphasized on the key tasks should be implemented in the future. He required every Party Cell members to uphold the pioneer spirit and exemplary role of Party members and always be responsible for the prevention and fighting against the degradation of politic and morality.

Some pictures at the congress: