TEXO attended Healthy Day Festival organised by Ministry of Construction in 2017


On March 28th in Hanoi, Ministry of Construction organised the Sports Day ‘s Opening Ceremony in 2017. It was an activity of the series events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of “The establishment of Vietnamese Construction Trade Union” (03/16/1957 – 03/16/2017), the 59th anniversary of “The Traditional Day of Construction” and the 7th festival of “Youth Union of Ministry of Construction”. TEXO team attended this significant event with enthusiasm and a strong spirit.

The ceremony received the participation of Vice Minister of Construction Le Quang Hung, President of Vietnamese Construction Trade Union Nguyen Thi Thuy Le, President of Ministry of Construction ‘s Trade Union Diep Thi Thu Huyen, Secretary of Ministry of Construction ‘s Youth Union and hundreds of atheles who are officials coming from different units under Ministry of Construction. TEXO took part in this event with the presence of Chairman of the Board, General Director Do Quoc Huynh, President of Trade Union Pham Xuan To, Secretary of Youth Union Doan Hai Van and the athletes who are all engineers of TEXO.

According to Organizing board, there were 5 subjects in this year’s Healthy Day Festival: Football, Badminton, Table tennis, Tug of war, Tennis.

Here are some photos of this event: 

20 teams from different units under Ministry of Construction attended the Healthy Day Festival

TEXO team attended 4 subjects this year: Football, Badminton, Table tennis, Tug of war

These sports activities organised annually in particular and those ones in general not only help the officials have relaxed, comfortable time after hard-working, stressful hours, but also allow personnels to extend relationships, make friends and build strong spirit, solidarity among people who are in the same company, so which can lead to be like a close-nit family.

Some photos of TEXO participating in the sports activities over the past few years: 

Mr Do Quoc Huynh – General Director of TEXO together with Mr Pham Hong Ha- Minister of Construction and other delegates were at Golf Award of ” Ministry of Construction’s office and Friends”
TEXO attended Lac Hong Football Award in 2012, 2013 and successively won the first prize
TEXO attended HACINCO Extended Champion Award in 2016
TEXO attended VIMEMCO Award and won the first prize for Tennis

In recent years, the sports movement in TEXO has become increasingly active, attracting a large number of participants, gradually becoming an indispensable aspect in the spiritual life of every cadre. This is a positive signal, contributing to the exercise of health, creating conditions for officers to expand relationships, exchanging more friends, building the spirit of collective solidarity, help close cadres, sharing, motivating well accomplished professional tasks.