Summary of 2019 and Plan for 2020

In the afternoon of January 10, 2020, TEXO Consulting and Investment Joint Stock Company held a conference to summarize the business and production result in 2019 and situmaneously, set the plan for 2020. The annual meeting of TEXO is an opportunity for the BOD as well as all heads of departments to evaluate achievements and solving problems after one working year.

There were the BOD, Heads and Deputy Heads of functional departments, Director and Deputy Director of all Centers, officials of the Company’s Inspection Board attending the meeting.

Overview of the meeting

At the beginning of conference, Head of Administrative Department – Ms. Le Phuong Ly read the summary report on production and business activities in 2019 and also the plan for 2020. Accordingly, in 2019, the company has overcame many difficulties and challenges. Under the proper and strict guidance of the BOD, together with the solidarity and great efforts of all employees, the Company has successfully completed the targert of 2019 with the exceedance of achieved results compared to set targets: total revenue reached 118.7%, payment reached 98.3%, contracted revenue reached 103.4%.

The management apparatus and quality control system have been increasingly strengthened and stabilized to ensure quality and prevent risks in the implementation of projects. Especially in the year of 2019, TEXO E-Office electronic system officially came into operation which is a breakthrough in the control, process of documents as well as the system management of the company. These results were made by great efforts of the BOD and all employees and has motivated the entire staff to work harder, contributing to creating breakthrough and sustainable development for the Company in the future.

Head of Administrative Department – Ms.Le Phuong Ly read summary report of production and business results in 2019 and plan for 2020.

After the summary, the Chief Inspector had reported and commented on all projects in 2019. The Inspection Committee, formerly known as the Quality Control Board, established and put into operation in August 2017, has coordinated with the Management Departments, especially the Technical Department to improve quality management and prevent risks in implemented projects. According to the report, most of the inspected projects are of good quality.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Do Quoc Huynh, Party Cell Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director and Mr. Trinh Thang Loi – Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director highly appreciated the achievements in the year of 2019. The Company acknowledges and appreciates the enthusiasm, continuous efforts of the Board of Directors and every employees. Stepping into the new year with new plans, the entire staff will continue to work harder, aim to further promote the quality management apparatus of the Company.

After that, the conference discussed and gave opinions, pointing out advantages and disadvantages as well as recommendations and suggestions to build a more and more complete management process system.

At the conference, the Company also assigned targets for 2020 to all Centers.

The BOD assigned targets for 2020 to all Centers

Entering the new year with many difficulties and challenges, TEXO team will unite together, continue innovating to create a sustainable development company, complete all assigned tasks to affirm the brand of TEXO – a strong and reputative construction consultancy brand in the market.