Hei Towers


Locating in a wonderful place at the corner of Nguy Nhu Kon Tum and Vu Trong Phung streets, the Hei Towers Project is urgently executing.

The Hei Towers Project is having 27 storeys which included:

02 basements x 5000 m2 to store about 600 motorbikes and 300 cars; 05 floors of Offices and Trade Centers:
     + 01st floor: Kid Garden; Public Area for residents; Trade Center; Lobby to Office Areas; Lobby to Residential Area…
     + 2nd floor: Trade Center
     + 3rd and 4th  floors: Grade A Office
     + 5th floor: 02 Conference Halls (for 300 people and 100 people in the smaller); Offices
The other 20 storeys (from 06 floor to25 floor) reached the standards of Green House (meaning Light, Wind, Garden) and highest standards (this is one of the most luxurious apartment area in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh New Urban Area). Not only that, The Hei Towers Project also has Swimming Pool and Spa centers in the upper deck of the buildings.
The Hei Tower Project is built in a land of 5106 m2, construction area is 2140 m2, construction scale is 40%. After finishing, the Hei Tower Project would providing to the market of 300 luxury apartments.
With our capacities and experiences, M/S Consultancy and Investment CONINCO Jsc., has been selected by the Investor to implement the work of Inspection and Certification of Satisfaction of Condition on Safe Weight-Bearing Capacity and Construction Quality Conformity Certificate (CQC) for this Project
Here are some photos: